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Weddings by Ryan
Ryan is an experienced videographer with a skilled crew.
Ryan will capture your most special day in a memorable DVD that you will enjoy forever.
Packages start at $800 and include a 3 camera setup

Why do three cameras matter?

One Camera
a good Overall view
Camera zooms and bumps are very noticeable, giving the video a "home movie" look. Edits look jumpy and the video is boring because there is only one view.

Two Camera
Overall shots and close-ups
Establishing shots cut into closer shots and camera bumps are edited out, but you don't have additional shots to make the final product more interesting.

Three Camera
Overall, Closeup & Reaction
The most complete representation of an wedding. This allows the reaction of the audience to be captured as well as the event. The final product looks amazing!

All packages include wireless microphones for Bride, Groom and Pastor.
If amplified sound for the ceremony is required, please call to arrange.
5 DVDs are included with the package.  See for more pricing info

Additional Services
Picture Montage
Up to 75 pictures edited to the music of your choice.
Typical Montages contain baby pictures though dating

short film

With Bride and Groom Interviews and other edited footage, this tells the story of how the beautiful couple met and other stories of their courting.
Friends & Family Interviews
Who better to tell your story other then your closest friends.  An 'Interview' location will be established at the reception for your story-telling friends.
TV Display
A 25 inch TV to display your video at the Reception.
Projected Display

Play your video at the Reception on a big screen.  Availably depends on venue and lighting conditions. 
No charge if venue has existing screen and projector

Professional Lighting

If adequate lighting is not available, professional Studio Lighting can be added to the location


contact for more info